Course price list:

A contract is the best option to take part in yoga classes in Astanga Yoga Studio.
A contract should be signed at the head office of AYS.








185 PLN/mth

150 PLN / quaterly



175 PLN/mth

260 PLN / biannualy



150 PLN/mth

900 PLN /annualy

The contracts are not valid for Green Mix and Yoga at noon classes.
Our reception desk will provide you with more detailed information about contracts.





One-time enterance*


35 PLN

4 times a month


119 PLN

6 times a month


150 PLN

8 times a month


175 PLN

12 times a month


195 PLN

OPEN - monthly voucher**


219 PLN

* Basic vouchers are not valid for Yoga at noon and Green Mix classes.
** one-time entrance and the Open monthly voucher are valid for every class.








60 days

265 PLN

Green Mix -

Yoga + Juice


30 days

130 PLN

Yoga at noon


30 days

135 PLN

Green Mix voucher is valid only for Green Mix classes.
Yoga at noon voucher is valid only for Yoga at noon classes.

You can buy any voucher you want via the website, please register or log on to the website, select My Vouchers tab, Buy a voucher, select the option.

*A month is a 30-day period calculated from the purchase of a voucher (does not apply to a voucher for 10 entries / 60 days).
Contract duration is also 30 days.

Any amounts due under the contracts should be paid at the AYS head office or via the website, please log on to the website, select My Vouchers tab and find unpaid issued vouchers “Pay Now” Please note: the system will automatically issue long-term vouchers. Any unused voucher should be paid separately.

*basic vouchers are available to students under 26 years of age at a discount of 20%
Please note that promotions and discounts are not cumulative.

Main contract procedures:

  1. A contract is concluded for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months (30- day periods), as agreed between the parties to the contract. After this period, the contract expires and a new contract may be concluded.

  2. An AYS Member may withdraw from a contract without any charge within 7 days after the date of signature, provided that he or she has paid a contractual penalty in an amount equal to the difference between the price of a monthly Open voucher and a monthly payment required from the AYS Member under the contract. In this case, the AYS Member may attend courses on the basis of his or her monthly Open AYS voucher.

  3. A contract may be suspended for a minimum period of 30 days or for the number of 30-day periods specified by a Member. In such case, half the monthly Membership Fee is charged. The contract is extended to include the membership suspension period. Suspension becomes effective as of the subsequent settlement period. The system will automatically issue vouchers reduced by such suspension period, to which the system refers to as “an additional fee”.

  4. A Member may terminate a contract at any time, provided that he or she has paid a one-off contractual penalty of 40% of the membership contributions payable for the period remaining until the expiry date of the membership contract. In exchange for this, AYS will issue to the Member a Voucher for the above amount, valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If the Member enters into a new membership contract within 12 months after the termination of the previous contract, the Voucher will be considered as a partial payment of the Membership Fees towards the new contract. A contract is signed once again. Should a membership contract be signed once again, 40% reduction will apply on a monthly basis to the Membership Fee upon signing the new contract.

  5. In exceptional cases, a Member may transfer membership rights to another person under the assignment procedure, thus relinquishing his or her AYS membership.

Individual classes

If you wish to receive more intensive training, have health problems and are in need of an individual approach, or just don’t like a group training, or maybe a standard class schedule does not suit your needs - you may ask the teacher to arrange for private classes.
Private class price terms and schedule are to be determined with your teacher. For more information
click here.


  1. Vouchers issued by Astanga Yoga Studio are valid for 30-day periods, calculated from the date of purchase. This does not apply to 60-day vouchers.

  2. The system will automatically extend your voucher to make up for classes unattended due the school being closed for a holiday period.

  3. The voucher may neither be extended nor suspended - the voucher loses its validity on the expiry date and the reimbursement of voucher purchase cost is not allowed.

  4. Voucher validity may be verified by selecing “My vouchers” tab on the website, following registration or logging in.

  5. Bookings may be made even a month ahead. Bookings shall be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the start of classes.

  6. The number of possible booking cancellations is equal to the number of possible course entries available on the basis of a purchased voucher.

  7. A course participant is not required to book the course, but by doing so he or she will have a guaranteed entry to the course (those who have booked the course will be admitted to the course first).

  8. A booking not cancelled within the prescribed deadline will be treated as an unused entry.

  9. The system does not charge for the booked course entries cancelled, at the latest, 12 hours before the start of the course.

  10. In the event of a loss of an AYS card, the cost of producing another card is 35 PLN.

  11. A person who loses a locker key will be subject to a fee of 35 PLN.

  12. AYS shall not be liable for mats or other items left behind in the school’s locker room.

  13. During the workshops, Astanga Yoga Studio reserves the right to change the workshop schedule.

  14. Each new client who decides to buy a temporary voucher will receive, free of charge, an AYS card with a bar code.

  15. A person who loses a locker key will be subject to a fee of 35 PLN.

  16. Please note: AYS reserves the right to change the class schedule.


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