Ewa Jaros - Ashtanga teacher

The owner of Astanga Yoga Studio. She has been practicing Ashtanga since 2005. 
She has been working as a teacher since 2003. She is regulary studying with her teacher Sharath in KPJAY Mysore, India.
In 2015 she was authorised by KPJAYI to teach Ashtanga Yoga in traditional Mysore Style.

From October 2007 she has been the owner of AYS, where she works and teaches yoga.

Emilia Iwaniuk - Ashtanga teacher

Teaches and practices ashtanga, kyudo and traditional Japanese archery, has got 3rd degree in Dan rank, she is also a sport instructor.
She has been practicing yoga since 2009. Her experience started at Astanga Yoga Studio. Apart from regular self-pratice she continues to improve her experience by participation in workshops run by: Basia Lipska, Kino MacGregor, R. Alexander Medin, David Keil, Ronald Steiner, John Scott.
She completed teacher’s course, organized by Basia Lipska and has been running regular classes from 2011. Besides yoga, she also practices kyudo, traditional Japanede archery , has got 3rd degree in Dan rank, she is also a sport instructor.
Combination of those 2 forms of activities helps to recognize variety of work with body and with other person. her practice is a lesson of humbleness, patience and acceptance for all that happens.

Dominika Kojro - Ashtanga teacher

She started her adventure with yoga in 2010 with Iyengar method. Then she discovered Ashtanga. She completed an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Basia Lipska Larsen.
She participated in many workshops with for example:  Manju Jois, Kino MacGregor, Mark Robberds, David Keil. She also went to India to practice with one of Patthabi Jois'es long-time students, Lino Miele.

Aldona Filipiuk - Ashtanga teacher

She has loved to dance since she was a child. In a course of her life it turns out that her true love is ashtanga yoga, which became her passion and addiction. She has been practicing on a regular basis since 2009 and she sticks with the practice because breaks don't serve her well.
Yoga became her way to personal development and self-improvement. Through yoga she found that everything happens for a reason and all potential barriers and boundaries are created only by ourselves. She agrees that breaking barriers on her yoga mat helps with fighting against boundaries in everyday life. She has a degree in psychology and sociology and understands people well. Currently confirms that yoga is the best therapy. She completed her teacher’s course of Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa TTC under supervision of Basia Lipska and participated in teachers’ workshops, run by Kino MacGregor and Guillermo Benitez , Laruga Glaser, David Keil and Tim Feldman

Her other passion is far away travels, but of course  with her yoga mat in her backpack.

Anita Wach - Ashtanga teacher

Yogi, dancer, choreographer. She has started her regular yog practice in 2003 at Yoga Center in Warsaw. She has been practicing ashtanga since 2005, first, along with Radek Rychlik, then at AYS with Ewa Jaros and Basia Lipska.
She participated in various workshops, ie. Mata Ezarat, Ken Harakuma. She considers yoga and dance as two, inter-connecting elements of personal mind development. Yoga calms her down and introduces rigor and inner-concentration. Dancing provides her with a joy of improvisation and improves her inner-power. She works at AYS, running yoga for beginners and advanced practitioners. She is a member of Bretoncaffe theatre. She also organizes and participates in various modern dance workshops, both, in Poland and abroad.

Sylwia Stefanowicz - Ashtanga teacher

Started her practice in 2000. She out her first steps under supervision of qualified teachers of Iyengar’s method. She has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2002. She left Poland and travelled to India in 2004 and participated in pranayaman trainings with health aspects in yoga and in teachers’ course of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore.
She continues to improve her knowledge with teachers based in Poland and from abroad (she practiced with Lino Miele, Nancy Gilgoff, Maty Ezraty, Manju Joisa, Kino Mac Gregor, Basia Lipska, David Keil, Rolf Naujokat). As a part of her development she practiced Kundalini Yoga. On 2008 She completed her teacher’s course in Kundalini Yoga.
The years of practice gave her knowledge about different styles of yoga. She sticks with the Ashtanga practice because it gives her the energy that she wants to share with others.
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