Sofia Xirotiri workshop in AYS 15.01-18.01.2015! archives

Sofia Xirotiri on her first visit to Poland.
Authorised KPJAYI Ashtanga Yoga teacher, level 2.
Throughout many years of practising artistic gymnastics, Sofia has experienced a number of difficulties and crisis situations.
She will be happy to share with us her unusual experiences and help us understand the difference between yoga and typical physical exercise.
Sofia Xirotiri began her artistic gymnastics training at the age of seven and pursued this career path with passion for many years. At the age of 18, she also started practising acrobatic gymnastics and successfully participated in a series of competitions, including world and European championships, winning prizes and medals.

After twenty three years of commitment and intensive daily training, Sofia decided to give up her sporting career and started to practise yoga under the guidance of her first teacher, Savva Yiantsi.
Since then, she has developed her knowledge of yoga by taking lessons from a number of great teachers (Taric Tamic, Kino Macgregor, Laruga Glazer, Tim Feldmann, Eddie Stern).
In August 2011, she crossed paths with Sharath Jois and decided to learn and practise yoga under his guidance.

After studying ashtanga yoga at KPJAYI, she received authorisation (level 2) to teach this unique method of yoga.
At present she teaches yoga at Houseofyoga in Athens, Greece.

Schedule od workshop:

Thursday     15.01.2015
8:00 -10:00   Mysore
17-19:00       Hip Openers

Friday            16.01.2015
8:00-10:00    Mysore
17:00 -19:00 Backbending

Saturday       17.01.2015
8:00-10:00     Mysore
17:00-19:00   Handstandlovers

Sunday           18.01.2015
8:00- 10:00     Led Primary Series


12.11 - 30.12.14 - single entrance       105 PLN
12.11 - 30.12.14 - workshops              
700 PLN

01.12 -15.12 - single entrance              110 PLN
01.12 -15.12 -
workshops                      720 PLN

15.12 - 31.12 - singleentrance              115 PLN
15.12 - 31.12 - workshops                    750  PLN

01.01 - 18.01.15 - single entrance       120 PLN
01.01 - 18.01.15 - workshops               800 PLN

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1. Mysore practice is for those who can remember the sequence of the first series. Rest of classes is designed for all level practitioners.
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